Christian Louboutin Inspired Manicure

Christian Louboutin lovers, here comes a Christian Louboutin Inspired nail art to mirror your “red bottom” shoe collection. This is the latest nail art craze to the nail fashion world and from my perspective; why splurge on the shoe yet you can save on your nails for the same look lol.


Nail Art:Beyonce & Jay-Z Portraits

So I came across this nail art on Beyonce’s tumbler page and I couldn’t help but wonder if some us are taking celeb fascination to a whole new level.

You be the judge

Just Nail It!

I came across some out-of-this-world nail art that I just wanted to share with my readers. For the first time, I have nothing much to say so feel free to spill your thoughts in the comments section.

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Royal Nails

Just when we thought the Royal Wedding dust was settling, here comes Katy Perry with her Royal Nails in honor of the Royal Couple’s wedding.

What do you think of this nail design?

Spice up Black Nail Polish

I love solid colors but I must admit at times plain solid colors can be boring. There are different ways of spicing up solid colored nail polish without making them look tacky. You can choose prints, lines, glitter or other designs to create a different look from a solid color.The color of the day is black and below are some ways of spicing it up.

This is an example of ombre nail art using black

French manicure with a twist using black polish. This is my favorite.

More Trendy Nails:Just in time for the weekend

I had to get more trendy nail designs due to public demand. For those who wait for the weekend to go and get pampered, here are some cool ideas.

Clockwise:(Pink) Glam nail art, (orange & black) crackle nail art and black-zipper nail art design

(Top left and extreme right) Colored tip nail design, (bottom left) Rhinestone nail art and (middle) Ombre nail art