How to Wear Short Dresses

Gas prices and temperature are not the only things that are rising this summer. Along with them come the hem lines too.It’s that time of the year again when ladies get to bear it all out, but how much is too much or how short is too short in this case? Well, the answer depends on the wearer of the garment.

Celebrities are often spotted in very short dresses and they have killer bodies to go with it. They are paid to look the way they look and have fitness trainers to help along the way. What about the ordinary man? Well there are a couple of recommendations for us:

If you were to rock a dress this short, avoid skin-tight short dresses and go for styles that have more of a modern A-line shape.

If your legs don’t look as great or if you are just more reserved, no need to worry, you can accentuate it with pantyhose, tights,or leggings and heels or you can opt for simple flats. Comfort, confidence and boldness are the key.

Also, when it comes to short dresses, go for fabrics that drape well. The last thing you need is a fabric that will have you pulling it down with every step you make.

Go for body-type & age-appropriate length. Decide how short you want to go, it’s all about how comfortable you’ll be in it. The best way to tell is by trying it on before you wear it out. Just like test-driving a car, try walking, sitting, bending over or even standing up in it. If it’s a no-no in any of these tasks then you already know that it will not work.


How to Wear Whites

White clothing is far more complicated than a simple white T-shirt and have “rules” attached to them than probably any other category of clothes. White is a little more complex than the simplicity suggested by the color.

I put together some suggestions in relation to rocking white;

1. Look for a perfect fit.

White garments should drape well on your body. Avoid tight-fitting dresses or pants because white clothing that is too tight will show lumps and bumps no matter what you have on underneath. They tend to accentuate bubbles, bumps and dimples in the hips and thigh area.

So wear white where you want to show off your shape, not where you want to minimize figure flaws.


2. Choose the right underwear.

DO NOT  wear white lingerie under white clothing — this is the most common mistake made by women. A white bra or panty will show right through white colored clothing.DO NOT wear dark or brightly colored underwear either because the color will show through. White tops/ pants/shorts/skirts are somewhat see-through no matter how thick the material is.

Choose a nude bra and panty that is closely matched to your skin tone to create a colorless foundation underneath your clothing.

Avoid visible panty lines. This can be avoided by choosing seamless lingerie;e.g. go for spanx or thongs.

3. Shoes do matter.

When you have an all-white ensemble, avoid dark-colored shoes, instead, go for metallics.

If you want to stand out, you can add red heels to the ensemble. Beige, camel, brown or soft grey also make great color choices.Avoid wearing white shoes as this may create an overwhelming effect.

Heavy black pumps paired with lightweight white dresses can also create an odd combination.

4. Accessories

White goes with so many accessories, the only rule is to keep it simple.

Chunky jewelry like the one in featured in this image or a handbag will also help you get your white fix without going overboard.

Ways to wear Short Shorts

If you like to show a little leg, this spring and summer is the chance to do it!There are different ways to dress up short shorts without looking too skimpy.

First, decide on the amount of skin you want to flaunt.Short shorts can be nearly as short as a bikini bottom, but you can also find slightly longer short shorts. If you don’t have a perky butt, you probably want a little bit more coverage, unless you enjoy flaunting what you have.

Choose the right underwear. If you want some lift or support, get full coverage panties and if you have perky butt, a thong may be the way to go. The last thing you want is panties showing below your shorts or panty lines marking their territory through your shorts.

shorts can be complemented in different ways. Short suits are a huge trend this season.Depending on your body type, you can wear this with a great high heel or a flat, with/without panty hose. Shorts are also perfectly acceptable for evening as long as the rest of the ensemble says evening as well. Do a great high heel, get some sheen in the short or the top, and add great sparkly jewelry and an appropriate bag.

Beyoncé has been spotted dressing up her daisy dukes with sky-high heels, vests and blazers.

I’m sure Blake Lively got tongues wagging in this short shorts ensemble. This would be a perfect ensemble for an evening out.

Checkout additional looks below.

Got more taste than money?

A lot of women out there, me included, would love to dress like rich celebrities but our bank accounts think otherwise. With a little extra effort and planning, you can make this dream come true. You don’t have to have a lot of money to dress rich, all you need is some strategies.

Shop off-season

This works for me all the time. I buy my summer clothes during winter and winter clothes during summer.  Stores are normally desperate to get rid of previous season’s items to create room for the current season’s stock. At this point they are normally being given away at throw away prices.

Feel free to hit thrift stores

Yes,I do shop at thrift stores. My biggest secret? I hit the thrift stores in rich neighborhoods, that way you get designer items at throw away prices. For incredible bargains at these stores, all you need is plenty of time to go though those racks and some patience to go with it. Next stop is the dry cleaners.

Go for quality instead of quantity

It’s better to have 2-3 high quality items in your closet rather than having 10 low quality that won’t last, thereby sending you back on another shopping spree. Another trick is getting few pieces of clothing that can be used to create different looks without making it look so obvious. You can get different ideas from high-end stores or magazines then use your pre-existing pieces to create the look.

Create a wardrobe priority list

Know what you already have and what you need. That way, you avoid buying impulsively (not unless he’s paying 🙂 ). That way, you can break down and budget for your purchases; a new little black dress this month, a red pair of shoes to match next month and so on.

Understand that style is more important than fashion.

Fashion comes and goes, so if you are the kind that wants to keep up with every new trend, you’ll be weeping all the way to the bank. Buying classics that never go out of style and are always appropriate is a huge saving secret.

Internet, internet, internet

There are so many websites that offer lots of designer items of affordable prices. I’m the queen of GOOGLE. I go to lots of stores, read magazines and browse websites to see what’s new. If you see an item you like at a not-so-friendly price, you can always google it and there are always lots of search results with different lower prices from different vendors. Hard to believe but that’s how I purchase 99.9% of my pieces.

Lastly, all you need is some good grooming, confidence and the right attitude to go with your looks. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!