Rapper Fabulous’ Girlfriend Emily B

I posted an article months ago about Love & Hip-Hop premier party and since then, that’s been the number one viewed posting. The person of interest in that post is Emily B, rapper Fabulous girlfriend. Not really sure why she’s the most sought after out of all the cast members,but that gave me the opportunity to post more images of her.

I love those louboutins, work it gurl………..

She’s been interviewed a number of times and she’s amazed by how much attention she’s drawn, especially towards her personal life. The public has been wondering why Fabulous does not claim her as his girlfriend, nor are they ever spotted together, yet they’ve been together for 8 years, have a son together, they are both raising her other 13-year old daughter from a previous relationship and have been shacking up all this time. Interesting…………………………….

Anywho, W-H-O C-A-R-E-S? checkout more of Miss Fabulosity below 🙂


A Hat-felt moment

Royal wedding guests donned the most fascinating hats I’d ever seen and they looked spectacular in them.

This was my # 1 pick and she has a very pretty baby-face to go with it

Rihanna Honored @ DKMS Gala in NY

Rihanna was the belle of the ball in NYC where she was being honored along with Michael Clinton. Proving that trains aren’t just for royal weddings, red-haired Rihanna worked a bewitchingly black gown at the DKMS Gala in NY, where she was honored for her work to fight leukemia.

Royal Nails

Just when we thought the Royal Wedding dust was settling, here comes Katy Perry with her Royal Nails in honor of the Royal Couple’s wedding.

What do you think of this nail design?

The 5th Annual DKMS Gala

Celebs attended the 5th Annual DKMS Gala in NYC for a fundraiser that fights against leukemia.Katharine Harf hosted the event that was in honor of Rihanna and Michael Clinton.

Katharine Harf stuns in a fire-engine red strapless gown!

Iman looked pretty in pink, perfect color for spring.

Kim Kardashian vs Amber Rose

Both socialites donned this cute patterned Mara Hoffman frock and if I may ask, who looked more banging?

Kim added a dash of red espadrilles for the opening of Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, while Amber Rose was spotted out shopping in Hollywood.

Vacationing Beyonce & Jigga Style

While everyone is busy talking about the Royal wedding, I’m busy admiring my favorite “it” couple; Beyonce and Jay-Z. They were recently spotted vacationing in the city of lights and they sure know how to literally stop traffic. I love these two and couldn’t help sharing their vacay pics even though I’m a few days late.

I love Beyonce’s casual black, white & red ensemble. Jigga keeps it simple in All-Black-everything!

He’s got 99 problems but a b***h ain’t one. Need more proof?