Rihanna’s Red Alert!

Rihanna keeps her love affair with fire-engine red burning – but keeps us guessing every time she steps out. She has gone from short, added inches to the length, gone curly, gone wavy, gone bone-straight, you name it. Now that’s what we call versatility in the hair game. See for yourself………………


Hair Evolution:Rihanna’s Signature Hairstyles

With her taste for in-your-face high fashion, Rihanna sure knows how to keep us guessing when it comes to the hair game too.

She has gone from long to short, straight to wavy/curly and has had from pixie cuts to bowl cuts to bob cuts – you name it. She doesn’t stop there, she tops it off by adding dark lowlights or ash-blonde highlights which adds a twist to it.

She is not afraid to play with color. She’s debut black, honey blond and of late has been rocking the fire-engine red (my favorite look on her).

She’s not afraid of changing up fashions, can pull off any hair style – and she sure does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!