Trendy or Tacky?

Ladies of the ratchet show Love & Hip hop are taking fashion to a whole new level (not in a good way).

They put up such a show at the premiere party of Love & Hip hop season 3 red carpet, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Did I mention that it’s WINTER time?

0Erica Mena took sheer to a ratchet level, covering only the bare essentials. I’m surprised she was able to walk,pose and sit without a wardrobe malfunction.

2Joe Budden’s new girlfriend Kaylin Garcia must have left the house in a hurry forgetting to wear either the bra or top she had intended to wear with this ensemble. #coveringface

1Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose must have received the same memo…the dress is backless too.

Anyway, “they” say any publicity is good publicity…..not that I agree with “them”!