Who Has The Best Red Carpet Style?

See the stars whose red carpet styles have dazzled from one red carpet to another over the years. From new-moms and R & B songbirds to award winning fashion-forward actresses.

Alicia Keys’ style has evolved over the years as she has transformed from a tomboy to an diva with timeless elegance. What sets her style apart and makes her stand out is that when stars wear gowns, Alicia makes an arrival in short confections featuring some super-cool hardware.

Award winning actress, talented singer and a bride-to-be Jennifer Hudson knows how to wow on a red carpet. Since her huge weight-loss, her red carpet skills have become unparalleled, always arriving in unexpected, yet chic looks. we can’t be mad at her when she seems to be having so much fun with her new body and wardrobe.

Sanna Lathan never lets her clothes wear her. With ensembles ranging from plunging necklines to off-the shoulder/ one-shoulder gowns, Sanaa shows total command of style, especially after seeing her on red carpets in one gorgeous couture ensemble after another.

Kerry Washington seems to have picked up a few tips from her years of dominating the red carpets worldwide. She’s become the master of mixing basics with trendy touche, which is why is always dominating the red carpets. She clearly loves fashion, and always looks effortlessly polished.

So, who gets your vote the Best Red Carpet Style?


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