Boris and Nicole – Love Never Looked This God

The headline on this week’s cover story reads “Love Never Looked So Good,” which makes perfect sense in relation to our cover subjects. It’s no secret that Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker are blessed with freakishly good looks — almost as if they were genetically created in a lab to mate and create a master race.

Yes, seven years in and the sparks that we originally witnessed in “Soul Food” now appear to burn hotter than a blue flame. Their chemistry was a refreshing and welcomed addition to our time together on set. It also provided a few hilarious moments when it was time to “talk shop” as the couple shared insights on life, love and the challenge of disciplining their kids (yes, it’s hard for them too.)

You’ve both been keeping incredibly demanding schedules. Can you fill us in on what you’ve been up to?

Nicole: Well, I just finished a sixteen-week run making my debut on Broadway. I just closed A Street Car Named Desire on July 22, and then I took a much-needed family vacation with Boris and the kids. Being away from home was tough, but the challenge and the thrill of being on Broadway was so fulfilling, and I’m thankful to my husband for making it possible and holding it down at home.

Was it all pleasure? Did you get a chance to see any extended family while you were gone?

Nicole:  We just got back from Germany seeing Boris’ grandmother. Now in a couple of weeks, I’m off to London to do the run of the play on the West End, so that is also very exciting.  I play the character Blanche, and I am fortunate to be the first African-American to play that part. So I’ve really enjoyed my time with this experience.

And what about you Boris?

Boris: I’ve been at home with the kids.  I’ve been driving them to surf camp, making sure that they are at ballet and karate, and just doing everything that I’m supposed to do as a father. I’ve also been prepping for my directorial debut. It’s a film called Looking For Jimmy Lee, and I’m really looking forward to that.

You’re also in the latest Resident Evil installment. Tell us about that.

Boris:  Well it’s the fifth installment of the franchise, and it’s a homecoming for me. Working with Mila [Jovovich] and her husband is always a great experience.  We trained for six weeks before we started filming … it was very demanding with a lot of action sequences and fight sequences. Ultimately, I think it’s really going to be something that audiences enjoy.

Boris, ‘My wife makes me feel like the king of the world when…’

Boris: My wife makes me feel like the king of the world when after a long day of working she tells me to put my feet up and cooks an amazing meal for me.

Nicole, I want you to finish this sentence for me. ‘My husband makes me feel beautiful when…’

Nicole: When he looks me right in the eye.


Click here to read their complete love story.


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