Bar Refaeli covers Maxim Magazine

Super hot Bar Refaeli takes the cover of Maxim magazine’s September 2012 issue. 27-year-old babe shows her incredible body on cover page wearing hot black bikini.

Check out some excerpts from her interview with mag:

On being voted to number one: “It doesn’t feel real, because I still can’t believe it. I feel like someone’s going to call and tell me there’s been a mistake.”

On not getting asked out much: “It’s true, and I think part of the reason is that I’m not out much. I’m usually at a photo shoot or going to sleep early. I don’t really have a chance to meet people other than businessmen on planes. They’re all married and much older, though.”

On her favorite body part: “My stomach is hard, and I’m very proud of it. I still eat, though. To me that’s one of the best things in life.”

On how guys should approach her: “If someone is funny, he should say something funny. If someone is sweet and gentle, he should talk that way. Just be yourself. I don’t like when guys act too cool for school. Like, the other day I was the airport, and there was a cute guy who I saw notice me. But instead of coming up to me, he put his head down and started texting to appear like, ‘Oh, I didn’t even see you!’ I was like, ‘If you really were cool, you’d just be yourself and talk to me.’”

On the most important thing men should know about the opposite sex: “If you can’t understand them, just give them a hug. That always works.”

On Twitter: “I love to tweet. I’m in a battle with myself to get more followers. I even make bets with myself on when I’m going to reach what number. I tweet in English and Hebrew because I’ll get lots of messages saying, ‘Yo, start talking Hebrew! Talk to us in our own language!’”


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