“Trésor Brillant”: Mystifying Brilliance by Vlisco

Now this is by far the best collection I’ve seen from Vlisco. Just like its name “Tresor Brilliant”, this collection is brilliantly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! She has taken the “ankara” to a whole new level by incorporating other fabrics to birth the modern luxury designs. Who knew they could be so versatile?

Here’s what she had to say in her Ad Campaign:
 Shimmering radiance creates a vision of pure richness, drawing full attention to a mysterious woman wandering in the night. Gracefully flowing fabrics weave an enigmatic story, determined to uncover where her journey is taking her. Strutting through the dim setting of the colonnade as it merges with a twinkling glow, the diamond-inspired designs take on an almost tangible shine and add the perfect touch of glamour, as she continues towards her destination, where she divinely takes the stage. An overwhelming sense of heroism seizes her the moment she becomes the centre of attention on stage, silhouetted by spotlights illuminating her sophisticated attire of dreamy designs

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