Who Is The Most Stylish Jennifer?

 The celebrity world happens to be blessed with dozens of fashionable Jennifers, and each one has her own distinctly amazing style.

Jennifer Hudson

The singer/actress shed major poundage and has since stepped up her fashion game, landing her in some of the best-dressed lists. She is now into more modern designs, vibrant shades ans shorter lengths. The singer pulls out all the stops in high-slit gowns, figure-hugging sheaths (her favorite), cropped minis, stilletos, cinched waists…you name it. Happy for her.

Jennifer Aniston

Ageless American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston is more of a reserved “girl-next-door” star who epitomizes class and grace with her modest yet stunning choices. She keeps it casual most of the time but is known to glam it up on special occasions or red carpet events.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is a glam queen who has a taste for over-the-top luxury designs. She loves to flaunt her enviable curves, toned body &  gorgeous gams in body-hugging dresses, fitted skirts, flowy gowns and midriff bearing tops. She is no stranger to fashion and is never afraid to experiment. She is a clear style idol.

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