Thought of the Day:Citrus Notes

We always feel comfortable with the regular and easy to match and wear colors like black, white, red e.t.c. Well, have you ever though about kicking it up a notch and throwing in a hint of citrus hues? Either a that or just throwing on a brightly colored outfit – at times it’s good to make a bold fashion statement. This hue is mainly recommended for the Spring and Summer seasons. Here are a few suggestions.

You can play dress up by adding a hint of color to your outfit as seen on this model. This trick not only works for a belt but also with any statement accessories like clutches, scarf, shades or even jewelry.

Trend setter Kim Kardashian opted to go the whole nine yards with the hue. She color blocked this lemon-lime Elise Overland mini dress with blueberry platforms.

Fashion model Brooklyn Decker showed us exactly how to infuse a healthy dose of citrus into any wardrobe. She smartly paired her black lace mini with neon Jimmy Choo pumps.

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