Bare Necessities

There are some ladies out there who sure know how to work their hot bodies!

We’ve seen some of the sexiest bodies being put on display in baring outfits that leave nothing to our imagination.

With that in mind, I put together some celebs who are proud of what they have and are not afraid to flaunt it 🙂

Topping the list is JLo in the infamous versace dress.

Talk about a showstopper! In 2000, Jennifer Lopez turned heads in this now infamous sheer, cut-to-there Versace dress.Her accessory then; P Diddy proclaimed that it took hours to get JLo into this dress but it would only take him only a minute to get her out of it. It’s weird how I remembered this so vividly 🙂

A year later at the 2001 Grammy Awards, RnB crooner Toni Braxton decided to show us some leg and a lil more………Her reason for rocking this? She said that she’d just gotten married and wanted to look and feel sexy! Mission Accomplished Ms Braxton!

Unfortunately, I could’t find anyone else who could top off these two (except the always explicit Lady Gaga) 🙂

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