Sheer Seduction

Sheer outfits can be rocked in either a demure or daring manner. In case you guessed it right, stars always dare to bare it all and  leaving the least to our imagination.

These ladies have stylists who put these looks together for them, that does not mean that you and I can pull off the same look without being arrested by fashion police. In case you are interested in this trend, here are a few pointers;

  • Wear an opaque panty and bra that match your skin tone, as seen on Rihanna in the white dress.
  • Create a sexier look by adding a layer of sheer covers over other sheer pieces. Choose layers of the same color or same color family. (as seen on ciara).
  • Keep it simple and tasteful with only a hint of sheer. (as seen on Keri Hilson)
  • Keep it classy, not tacky.

These “naughty”ladies opted to give us an inadvertent peep show, not that I’m complaining 🙂


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