How to Wear Short Dresses

Gas prices and temperature are not the only things that are rising this summer. Along with them come the hem lines too.It’s that time of the year again when ladies get to bear it all out, but how much is too much or how short is too short in this case? Well, the answer depends on the wearer of the garment.

Celebrities are often spotted in very short dresses and they have killer bodies to go with it. They are paid to look the way they look and have fitness trainers to help along the way. What about the ordinary man? Well there are a couple of recommendations for us:

If you were to rock a dress this short, avoid skin-tight short dresses and go for styles that have more of a modern A-line shape.

If your legs don’t look as great or if you are just more reserved, no need to worry, you can accentuate it with pantyhose, tights,or leggings and heels or you can opt for simple flats. Comfort, confidence and boldness are the key.

Also, when it comes to short dresses, go for fabrics that drape well. The last thing you need is a fabric that will have you pulling it down with every step you make.

Go for body-type & age-appropriate length. Decide how short you want to go, it’s all about how comfortable you’ll be in it. The best way to tell is by trying it on before you wear it out. Just like test-driving a car, try walking, sitting, bending over or even standing up in it. If it’s a no-no in any of these tasks then you already know that it will not work.


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