How to Wear Whites

White clothing is far more complicated than a simple white T-shirt and have “rules” attached to them than probably any other category of clothes. White is a little more complex than the simplicity suggested by the color.

I put together some suggestions in relation to rocking white;

1. Look for a perfect fit.

White garments should drape well on your body. Avoid tight-fitting dresses or pants because white clothing that is too tight will show lumps and bumps no matter what you have on underneath. They tend to accentuate bubbles, bumps and dimples in the hips and thigh area.

So wear white where you want to show off your shape, not where you want to minimize figure flaws.


2. Choose the right underwear.

DO NOT  wear white lingerie under white clothing — this is the most common mistake made by women. A white bra or panty will show right through white colored clothing.DO NOT wear dark or brightly colored underwear either because the color will show through. White tops/ pants/shorts/skirts are somewhat see-through no matter how thick the material is.

Choose a nude bra and panty that is closely matched to your skin tone to create a colorless foundation underneath your clothing.

Avoid visible panty lines. This can be avoided by choosing seamless lingerie;e.g. go for spanx or thongs.

3. Shoes do matter.

When you have an all-white ensemble, avoid dark-colored shoes, instead, go for metallics.

If you want to stand out, you can add red heels to the ensemble. Beige, camel, brown or soft grey also make great color choices.Avoid wearing white shoes as this may create an overwhelming effect.

Heavy black pumps paired with lightweight white dresses can also create an odd combination.

4. Accessories

White goes with so many accessories, the only rule is to keep it simple.

Chunky jewelry like the one in featured in this image or a handbag will also help you get your white fix without going overboard.


One comment on “How to Wear Whites

  1. Mama Lindiwe says:

    Thanks so much for the tips, with summer coming up in a while, i’ll definitely put them into use…

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