Ways to wear Short Shorts

If you like to show a little leg, this spring and summer is the chance to do it!There are different ways to dress up short shorts without looking too skimpy.

First, decide on the amount of skin you want to flaunt.Short shorts can be nearly as short as a bikini bottom, but you can also find slightly longer short shorts. If you don’t have a perky butt, you probably want a little bit more coverage, unless you enjoy flaunting what you have.

Choose the right underwear. If you want some lift or support, get full coverage panties and if you have perky butt, a thong may be the way to go. The last thing you want is panties showing below your shorts or panty lines marking their territory through your shorts.

shorts can be complemented in different ways. Short suits are a huge trend this season.Depending on your body type, you can wear this with a great high heel or a flat, with/without panty hose. Shorts are also perfectly acceptable for evening as long as the rest of the ensemble says evening as well. Do a great high heel, get some sheen in the short or the top, and add great sparkly jewelry and an appropriate bag.

Beyoncé has been spotted dressing up her daisy dukes with sky-high heels, vests and blazers.

I’m sure Blake Lively got tongues wagging in this short shorts ensemble. This would be a perfect ensemble for an evening out.

Checkout additional looks below.


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