Got more taste than money?

A lot of women out there, me included, would love to dress like rich celebrities but our bank accounts think otherwise. With a little extra effort and planning, you can make this dream come true. You don’t have to have a lot of money to dress rich, all you need is some strategies.

Shop off-season

This works for me all the time. I buy my summer clothes during winter and winter clothes during summer.  Stores are normally desperate to get rid of previous season’s items to create room for the current season’s stock. At this point they are normally being given away at throw away prices.

Feel free to hit thrift stores

Yes,I do shop at thrift stores. My biggest secret? I hit the thrift stores in rich neighborhoods, that way you get designer items at throw away prices. For incredible bargains at these stores, all you need is plenty of time to go though those racks and some patience to go with it. Next stop is the dry cleaners.

Go for quality instead of quantity

It’s better to have 2-3 high quality items in your closet rather than having 10 low quality that won’t last, thereby sending you back on another shopping spree. Another trick is getting few pieces of clothing that can be used to create different looks without making it look so obvious. You can get different ideas from high-end stores or magazines then use your pre-existing pieces to create the look.

Create a wardrobe priority list

Know what you already have and what you need. That way, you avoid buying impulsively (not unless he’s paying 🙂 ). That way, you can break down and budget for your purchases; a new little black dress this month, a red pair of shoes to match next month and so on.

Understand that style is more important than fashion.

Fashion comes and goes, so if you are the kind that wants to keep up with every new trend, you’ll be weeping all the way to the bank. Buying classics that never go out of style and are always appropriate is a huge saving secret.

Internet, internet, internet

There are so many websites that offer lots of designer items of affordable prices. I’m the queen of GOOGLE. I go to lots of stores, read magazines and browse websites to see what’s new. If you see an item you like at a not-so-friendly price, you can always google it and there are always lots of search results with different lower prices from different vendors. Hard to believe but that’s how I purchase 99.9% of my pieces.

Lastly, all you need is some good grooming, confidence and the right attitude to go with your looks. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 comments on “Got more taste than money?

  1. Mama Lindiwe says:

    Thanks so much for the advice, i will definately give it a try…

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