Closet Essentials:Shoes,Shoes & More Shoes

Shoes are a basic necessity we all can’t live without. Did you know that we only need 4 simple types of shoes that can be paired perfectly with any kind of lifestyle and wardrobe?

There’s the Formal shoe which is the dressiest shoe for special occasions. These entail a few pairs of neutral colored heels that are comfortable and that can go with a variety of outfits.You can never go wrong with red,black,blue or metallic colors like gold or silver. These easily compliment bright colors and pop when paired with dark colors too.Its all about versatility.

Secondly,there’s the casual shoe e.g ballet flats. These can be rocked anywhere and with everything e.g.dresses, pants,skirts,jeans or shorts. Go for neutral colors like black and/or brown because these compliment majority of other colors.

Thirdly,there’s the sandal. I believe this one speaks for itself. Just ensure your toe nails are on point 🙂

Lastly, there’s the Athletic shoe for those who prefer to rock sneakers with their jeans instead of sandals, or for those who workout or just want to be comfortable.

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