Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Gala

It’s time for the Grammy awards again and celebs are throwing pre-grammy and post-grammy gala/parties, left and right. The most important part is being able to redeem yourself by putting your best foot forward. Below are some sistas who showed up looking fab. Happy viewing.

Sanaa Lathan looking gorgeous in her metallic dress, showing just enough skin and flawless make-up and a simple hair-do to top it all off. Can’t be mad at that.

Jennifer Hudson was not afraid to flaunt her new body in her bodycon dress and CL shoes to match. Congrats to her on her hard work. Toni Braxton, well is still Toni Braxton lol. Brandi and Ciara decided to show more leg with mini dresses, looking good too. Kelly, Gayle and Keri went for more length. They are looked gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

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